Richard Stokes: Embergen Challange

Final Entry: Embergen Challange Final Entry, Richard on Vimeo

Breakdown and bibliography coming soon!

Finally time for me to properly try out Embergen!

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Finally had time to start production on this! Conveniently a bombardment was a planned feature for a wizard counterstrike game I’ve been making the past couple months so this ties together nicely. What’s not convenient is I have a few extra constraints to think about such as performance and how the ability replicates over clients. Currently I’ve got the blueprint frame worked out with a couple of placeholder effects.

Final goal I’m aiming for something that’s kind of like the morsmodre spell from harry potter:

The bolt exits the wand, blasts into a flair going high in the sky and summoning a giant cloud/skull, which then shoots meteors to the earth for big damage and zoneing bombsites.

If anyones interested in the coding replicated bombardments part I’ll do a breakdown later on but since the challange is focusing on the visual aspects I don’t think it’s particularly relevant at this time.

I reworked the blueprint so the bolt falling lines up perfectly with the warning decal and added some placeholder VFX.

In this update I’m putting in some of the supporting effects.

The sky changing is being done by a material parameter collection hooked up to a timeline in a blueprint. Screenshake is being done by the play world camera shake blueprint node.

The cloud effect is made out of 2 stages, the summoning effect where 5 invisible particles are flying around and then 5 spike emitters taking the ID of one of those particles with a particle attribute reader and then moving the sphere location position to where that particle is.

Now it’s time to dive into embergen and start getting some flipbooks made!

Starting out by grabbing some presets and editing them rather than making stuff from scratch just because of how close to the deadline I am. I’m not doing anything fancy with shaders yet either, I’m just grabbing a render combined flipbook and shoving it into an unlit material.

Two of the presets ship with the default engine, 021_blackbody_explosion_02 and 052_quick_explosion_sparks.

I’m also using a preset called slam from the Janga FX discord made by mrstevens, head of catering

He’s been making some absolutely mental stuff with the GPU particles and I really hope I find his Twitter account one day!

Here’s mr stevens twitter:

Ah sweet! Thanks for sending that over!

Final entry for the competition is done and here!

I’ll get to the break down soon but for now I need to fill out the form.


Work of Mr Stevens:

Asset Packs:
Environment: Victorian Street in Environments - UE Marketplace
Arm Animations: Sword and Shield First Person Animation Set in Animations - UE Marketplace
Gesture Tracker: Gesture Tracker VR in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
Skyboxes: Matte Painting Skybox Pack III in Environments - UE Marketplace

Embergen Prefabs:
Possibly more? I think those are the only two though.

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