Ribbon UE5 (Help)

I have 2 emitters, 1 with Sprite Renderer and the other one with Ribbon.
The first one spawns sprites based on the unit and generates location event, now I want to generate Ribbon between each two Sprites.
in a simple way, I want the ribbon to go through each sprite or Ribbon connect the sprites together.
is it possible?

Would this setup work?
It spawns particles per unit, all particles have the same age and the emitter is set to ribbon and you automatically get this.

I want something more like this:

by the way, it’s the first time I ask a question, I’m impressed with how fast I got my first replay.


You can read and then set the unique sprite id to be the link order of the ribbon render, here is a setup with only one emitter for simplification.

Also, there is a behavior example sample emitter to get the basic concept across.


can do it in two emitters one for spawn sprites and another for spawn and connect ribbon to sprites in order.
I have an emitter it’s controlled by C++ code when my object hit, its spawns Sprite at the hit location.
I have no idea how can i share sprites IDs with the ribbon emitter and connect the ribbons.

Use a new scratch pad in the second emitter to read the attributes of the first emitter you need to reference it by name and reference the attribute by name in the ‘get by’ node in new scraped.

The inside of the scratch pad.

Here is also a tutorial using it in a more advanced example.

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How did you get more examples in your library? especially with those example thumbnails?

Did you click this? I am on Unreal 5.1.

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I’m sorry to ask many questions but I’m really stuck here.

I want something like what you did show in your gif spawn Spriteds and connect sprites in order with straight Ribbon.

note: I could not upload Giff or more than one .jpg cause the site gave me this error: An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post. so I can’t show my result.


I’ve never clicked that before, thank you!

Don’t be sorry, it is always positive to ask for help. That’s how we survive in Balkan :laughing:. (Sorry for the joke.) :sweat_smile:
The only thing you need to do is set these two scratch pad modus as you see below.
Enable persistent ID-s in Leader and Follower emitter.
Set ribbon link order as I told you the last time in particle spawn.

This is my result for showcaseing that it is working.


Don’t copy the camera offset module, it is only to illustrate the example better.

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Thanks Man, Finally it Worked. :blush:

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