Reply button acting a bit weird to anyone else?

Hey, so it seems the past couple times that I’ve tried to ‘reply’ to a specific person, it hasn’t been showing their portrait at the top right of my post.

I’m definitely clicking the right reply button because after I click it, I can see their portrait right above my text box, but once I submit my reply, it no longer shows it as a reply to that person but rather a reply to the topic in general.

Yup, can confirm, got the same issue multiple times. Usually works when you click on the correct Reply button again after opening the reply window, though. :slight_smile:

testing your theory right now, i clicked ‘reply’ on your post and opened up the reply window. after that i kept clicking reply on your post to 1000% confirm i’m replying to you

edit: didn’t work for me :frowning:

Well, it is working for me. Interesting… ;-;

Edit: welp, don’t think it is.

Are you expecting it to create a nested sub conversation? We’re supporting a completely flat conversation structure right now, to keep things more like a literal conversation with one person talking at a single time.

If you’re looking to include a response to an individual statement, I recommend selecting it in the thread and selecting “quote reply”

That said, I will explore some of the other layout options we have available and see if there’s something that helps make more sense.

I’ve enabled a few of the inline reply options:

I very much want to maintain the single thread though, so I’m not sure if this gets more or less confusing? Let me know what you think!

Hey Keith, so I definitely am not expecting the nested sub conversations. Something seemed to have clicked because now i’m seeing all my previous replies correctly. This circled red part for all my replies didn’t show up until now (on all my other posts as well). I did refresh and and try a couple things before when it wasn’t showing up, but now for some reason it has shown up (image below).

I agree about the single thread! Nothing confusing now, but something fixed itself for sure

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Yea, I fiddled with a bunch of different switches - one of them must have triggered those “in reply to” banners, which are great. I’ll try to kill the “# Reply” dropdown, but definitely want to keep the top right info.

Thanks for the feedback!

ohh awesome!
I also don’t mind the “# Reply” dropdown. It’s so subtle, and only the people actually looking for it will see it. It could be really helpful when the thread gets extremely long.

Thanks for all your work Keith!

Ok - we’ll leave things as is and see how everyone feels about it then!