Replicate Rengoku slash in unity

Good I’ve been trying to do the demon slayer rengoku fire slash for a few days now and I’m getting desperate.

For now the shader I’m trying things and I’m not convinced by any of them, the last one I’m doing is as follows:


The gradiant thing is that I’m trying to replicate the colors, but the way I’m doing it I don’t really like it because I don’t have a lot of exact control when moving the gradiant slider to place the fire colors.
In this way it looks like this in a plane and in the slash I have done that I do not know why in the slash mesh it looks so bad.

Besides, if I don’t add this node, the effect is not even visible because it does not have enough white to be seen.

Any advice or ideas?

For example, I am looking for a node that allows me to reduce the texture on the sides to make it smaller and smaller until the interior and in each one of these nodes I can add the color and not depend on the gradiant and moving the slider by eye.

Speaking of which

I’ve been trying to make a kind of layer effect to put one on top of another without altering the value when multiplying and so on and I had to make this kind of scheme to add as if they were layers of another program like photoshop, after effects and so on, I don’t know if there is something better than that, because I have not found it.

because what I did over and over again was the following that I saw on a forum

Man, as someone who recently struggled with trying to recreate Rengoku’s attack, I’d love to help you, but I did so in Unreal and unfortunately have 0 knowledge of Unity. I struggled with making the shader a lot too, and in the end gave up and decided to just draw the flame texture by hand on 3 different channels and manipulating each channel colour individually. Your texture looks very stretched when applied on the mesh, is it possible to clamp it, tile it and simply drag it across the mesh? As I said, I know nothing of Unity, so I’m not sure if that’s possible, that’s just what I did in my effect.


You can see the Effect i have made, Inspired by Demon slayer. The fire of Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura.

You might be not aware, but your video does not work, at least for me.

Not sure if you managed to fix this already, but first of all you are using the same UV for both noise and shape/mask of your slash. It is ok to strech the “drop” like shape along the mesh, but the noise can’t be so strach as you want multiple distortions, so play with tiling of noises along the X axis to make it more “dense”.
Second thing - I see light and shadow on your mesh, I don’t think this is desired, so change material type from Lit to Unlit. This is also the reason why colors look a bit strange even if you use HDR gradient.

I have fixed the video, Uploaded it now from Youtube and it seems to be working now.
thank you for letting me know !