Rensei's Sketchbook

After months of lurking around here I’m finally starting a sketchbook. Here’s the latest thing I made



Stylized Scifi shot sketch



Gosh…this is so good to look at -
I’m really interested on what’s going on on the floor… I really liked the looks of the textures! How do you go about painting these kind of textures? I mean, watery/caustic like.

Are there 2 different textures spinning in different speeds? It seems so seamless, fluid… :open_mouth: they fuse really well together. Plus - still about the textures on the floor - sometimes I think I see some kind of volume popping out, much like a wave…is it the case or is my mind tricking with me?

Awh, thank you ;w;

So, I rarely draw textures by hand, I don’t enjoy the process or results so I’m just using a lot of noise maps and masks, if any of them is nice I can just render the shader output to the texture and keep it so :person_shrugging:

Th texure I was using for the bottom part was just… voronoi :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: (from Luos’ pack, I think it was this one, I got it years ago and its been working super well for a lot of things I do at home).

My shader is based on Harry’s VFX Master Shader with some changes and upgrades and all that.

But, to give some details, its a simple quad with polar uvs, circular mask, scrolling voronoi and uv displacement to add some spice, colour is added with a gradient sampling the result of all of that.


This thingie I use for displacement:

And yes, there are some waves! Just a simple mesh with scrolling noise textures.

All elements of the effect on the ground:

I think the second element from left is a good one to show how much uv displacement changes:


Hope that helps, lemme know if you have more questions or want me to explain something better!


Quick shield sketches, I got a bunch of new free textures and wanted to play with them a bit


Damn, so simple yet the results are amazing!

Thanks for typing it down, Rensei! :pray:

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No worries, glad I could help, hmu if you need anything else <3

Quick test of FluidNinja thingie and using it it unity. It’s super simple, it’s a good Embergen alternative, although not a fair comparison, still very cool!

Gonna start making some firey stuff now! Someone suggested a fire wall so I might try to make it now


Playing around with some flipbooks I made recently

bit higher res here

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