Rendering a Good image/simulation in Houdini

Hello guys,
Here I am again with a doubt regarding rendering stuff in Houdini. I created a quartz crystal in Houdini last week and I am struggling to render out an image out of it.
What i did with the following image is I rendered the crystal in “Render View” and took a screenshot! :sweat: I know this is not the good way and hence asking for some help on how to do it in efficient manner. :grin:

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At 18:31 in the tutorial Moritz shows how to render it using ipr. On the mantranode, go to the images tab, specify where to render to and what format, then hit render to disk.

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Thanks a bunch :sparkles: @Partikel! I tried it but somehow the image I am getting is not readable by my PC. I don’t know if it’s the problem with file extension or something else?

Could you post a screen shot of your mantra settings?

Yeah sure! Here it is:

This is what I am getting:

That’s a crashed render :frowning: Have you tried any of the other render engines? Updated your drivers?

Nope. Since I didn’t knew what was the problem. I’ll try that and get back to you soon. Thanks a bunch :maple_leaf:

Hmm, so I tried updating drivers but it didn’t work well :confused: Trying another render engine, can you please enlighten me on that?

If you go over to the rendering tab. You can select different ones. I’m guessing the default is Ray Tracing. Try PBR or Micropolygon. Though, I’m not sure it’ll make any difference as this is a crash and not just a bad render :frowning:

If that doesn’t work it may be worth downloading the latest version of Houdini and reinstalling. @mikelyndon do you have any ideas?

So I was from beginning rendering in PBR. Since I am using Houdini Indie Version, I am not sure if I can update to latest version or not?! :confused: