Reinhardt shield shader tutorial for Unity3D

Hi everyone!! Ive made a fully in-depth TUTORIAL to achieve a Reinhardt-like shield on shaderForge and need feedback before doing more :slight_smile:


The tutorial is free inside my github with all the resources and examples: GitHub - vaxkun/ReinhardtLike-Shield-ShaderForge

Have a good developing! :wink:

PD,here are some screenshots of the final result, gifs and screenshots:



Mega thanks for this!
Actually I’ve seen your video last week and today I started to recreate the exact same effect with Amplify Shader and I was trying to figure out a simple solution to achieve the hexagonal tiles shining. Lucky me I’ve seen your post now! It will be super useful!


this looks very cool!!

Holy! It’s beatiful! Tnx a lot!

seems to be a problem for me, its just blue for me without anything really, just a color. Any ideas what it could be? I transfered the shader code over to a shader and tried multiple different bases, all same result.


Hmmm all blue could be few things, if camera is orthographic, depth buffer will mess out and in consequence depth will be all over the mesh. Mm could be too if the image isnt set on the material, if you download the repository and run it without touching is correctly rendered?
Have to note ive made it in 2018.2

hmm let me boot it up in your unity version, when i am able to do so.

Noticed that Reinhardts shields hexagons pulse and switch so though I’d just make a quick test to achieve that, but ended up taking it a bit further cuz I could not resist, thought I’d share it :slight_smile: