References for Games with Amazing stylized VFX?

Hey everyone,
I’m always a fan of amazing stylized VFX Effects, especially when they are creative, well done and well executed
I was wondering if any of you guys have some references for games with different stylized effects ( pixel, atlas, 3D, or any sort in order to have a library of games with stylized effects)

the idea came to me when I was looking at the trailer of a game on kick starter called Narita Boy

Gif goodies :

There are other obvious ones like

Zleda breath of the wild this video was posted by @Luos_83

Gigantic who used awesome stylized meshes for their effects

well timed and fascinating smoke and explosions meshes effects
my favorites are On 0:28, 0:52 , 1:07 , 1:23

not to mention
HOTS ( or almost any blizzard game )
( big shout out for the VFX teams that worked on these games )

I know there are a lot of stylized effects out there, but we don’t necessarily see them in context / in game.
this is why it’s convenient to have a reference of these stylized games.


Check out my pinterest boards, i’ve tons of them :slight_smile:

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Maplestory is a very pretty game I’m going through right now. There’s a few classes with some pretty spells. Here’s Jett:

some starter VFX (I’m not very far lol)

There is also cuphead


Don’t know if this is for a game, but it is some neat realtime shader magic:


just found this game which has really nice zelda-like vfx:


Here if you want a closer look of somes VFX in this game go check this artstation profile :slight_smile:


Can’t not share Alex’s work on Battle Chasers


This is an awesome ressource. This really trouble me, I’m trying to spot were the 3d effects are used and were the 2d flipbook are used. Everything is blending so smoothly.