Receive Location Event Not Working

Hello everyone! I am trying to make some particles spawn on the position of a Slash as it is moving but for some reason I can’t see the particles. I thought I was doing it correctly but there must be something I am missing out that I can’t see T.T

Any idea what it could be happening?

This are the settings I am using for the event handler properties

And for the Receive Location Event I am using the default ones.

I don’t understand T.T I follow every step on different tutorials and still don’t get anything it’s so frustrating ahgshags :tired_face:

You have max events set to 0 so nothing is called
Basically how this works is Spawn Number is number of particles spawned per event. Event is generated in “slash” on each Particle Update. Then you limit this events to 0

I understand, but even if I change the Max Events Per Frame, I don’t get any particle, it’s like the event is not triggering? I have this curve on the Generate Location Event. I don’t know if it could be the problem.

Ogh! I just realized I have to increase the Scale Curve because right now my Spawn Rate is of 1 maximum due to the curve hahagjha. Thank you @R0i3in anyways :smiley: