Realtime water and Ship FX in UE5.3

I am trying to figure out the best way to make ship and water fx for a interactive inside of UE5.3. Does anyone have a good resources on where to start for this stuff. Having the foam and wake while also getting the water spray and mist is what I want to do. Below are screen shots from examples and here is a link to a video showing it off.


Example video


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There are many different approaches one could take to achieve this, and I think you’d be wisest taking into account what tools are available and what performance checkmarks you need to hit, say if you’re working on a studio project.

there’s probably some investigation worth doing with Render Targets inside materials that can drive most of the WPO animation + whitewater interactions.

Else you can maybe use plugins/existing tools like Fluid Flux or Fluid Ninja, which may constrain you to approach your task at hand in a very particular way as is always the case with using pre-made tools.

Finally, maybe have a look at what Ghislaine’s doing with water, there are always stunning results Tutorial: Making a Custom Buoyancy Solution With Niagara in UE5 and in this case purely driven with Niagara.

But defo start with the basics, just make a nice Ocean that’s already complicated enough and build up from there in steps.

Thanks for the comments. Ya right now Im a bit overwhelmed with what to do first and where to start. I am taking it one thing at a time or at least trying to. I have a nice ocean setup using waterline pro plugin. Working on getting the wake with that plugin and moving forward from that. I may try to use some nice decals for the foam then add some particels for the spray and mist?

Ill let you know how it goes.