RealTime VR VFX Reel - Nikita Shilkin

Hey guys! Just wanna share my latest work on AAA VR Shooter Arktika.1 as the only VFX artist and a bit more) Anyway,feel free to check it, hope it will be interesting for you!

Real Time VR VFX Reel 2017 from cheShil on Vimeo.

Also Artstation link


Great reel! I really like it! :star_struck:
Massive amount of dusts and particles, how did you fight with overdraws in VR? Maybe you have some tricks behind it?

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Hey mate, sorry for late reply,was on weekend. And glad that you like it.
As for overdraws, that was just combine of rules which i tried to follow.
In general, always keep in mind limits per frame and don’t get over it.
Making density by texture fill instead of increase particle quantity.
Place all the emitters in different places, to avoid overdraw even from the start.
And always play with timings as while turning on one, don’t forget to off another)


Thank you! Great work!

the effects are really well done and great looking! However it might be just a feeling because of the VR experience, but I am not really feeling that they are impactful for the moment their are appearing in the game. More like floating matter in the air, without any punchyness or “wow” moment. Overall the sequence at 1:54 is by far your strongest :+1: