Real-time, procedurally generated visuals synced to music

Just saw this on twitter, holy moly it’s cool! She used her own C++ engine


Wow. That’s nuts. She has her own twitch channel too; I’ll have to tune in sometime.

If you are into those kind of stuff i would say that you should check @_kzr on twitter (he makes his entire work with Unity).
And also check Touch-Designer for a procedural music visuals :slight_smile:


Mannnn Keijiro Takahashi’s work is the bees KNEES! :heart_eyes:

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I know right :slight_smile: i follow him long time already :upside_down:

Procedurally generated visuals, synced to music, custom engines… looks like a demo to me :slight_smile:
If someone has not been exposed to this decades old subculture, you can start from e.g.