Real Time Atmosphere

Posted this over in the facebook group, but wanted to share some of the progress i’ve made on my realtime atmosphere simulator for the game im developing!

obligatory image:


very cool!

what sort of performance are you getting? is it going to updating in realtime?

yeah! the nice thing about this is the performance doesn’t matter. i bake it into a spherical texture when needed and it is just displayed as a skybox. so once computed, theres no runtime cost. So if you wanted full time of day theres easily a way of doing it (reduce parameters, update just some pixels, prebake image seaquence of day night cycle and blend)

Awesome! Cloud is based on volume noise texture?

:heart_eyes: so much functionality! Awesome work!

all just based on value noise. using 3d textures would speed it up alot, i’ll do it if i need to!

WOWonderful world :heart_eyes:

Very cool! I wonder what kind of game this will be.

So cool! :smiley:
Rayleigh scattering and everything !!

its getting better!

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now supports a multiple scattering approximation in the clouds which allows for overcast skies without turning too dark!