Real smoke & explosion play demo (UE4)

This is an effect demo play video that I registered for the first time online market.

I created a large-scale effect on the Unreal Engine and dramatically used Lit particles and lighting.
This mainly used the loop sequence to adjust the sprite sequence timing.
have fun~


You could make a Sequencer movie with a smooth camera path and render it out. Fraps is a piece of shit.
Even OBS or Shadowplay are better.

Yes, These sequence were made using fraps.
Next time I’ll try other tools.
I’ll look for OBS, shadowplay…

That’s looks really good but I think you need to work on scale. If your character is 1.8m tall then sparks are as long as him or even longer. This is fine for something that you never see up close but as soon as you see it in detail, you loose the sense of scale. I would replace these bright spots with either some smokey trails with fire at the tip or some bigger pieces of debris with emissive material to mimick that they are burning hot. Also, for something that big I would expect the aftermath to be much longer. Adding some slowly falling objects could help.

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It was made for the purpose of large-scale explosion, not a general size explosion.
I am going to make an explosion of normal size when I work on additional work.
I will refer you to the correction work considering the advice you gave.
Thank you for your detailed advice.

trailers updated.
Previously we used fraps, but this time we used the geforce experience capture tool.
This video was recorded smoothly at 1080p 60fps.