Radiant Engine?

Hey all, was wondering if anyone here had experience with IW’s Radiant engine? Been looking for tutorials on implementing particles on the fx side of things but coming up short.

Or if there are any tutorials out there you folks think are relevant, then please link me up! Most the stuff I’ve found have just been for map/texture mods.


There are some old tutorials on Radiant for COD4

I used these to make my own map and some custom emitters but there were no tutorials at the time for it. I your best bet would be looking for other games that use Radiant and see if they offer mod tools, like Doom 3.

Hi Lee!

Thanks for the video, I actually got some mod tools off of bo3 and been experimenting with the maps and textures, but yeah, it’s been tough figuring out how to set up my own emitters to fire from a gun (as an example).

I’ll keep messing with it, thanks!