Quick question, is there a way to make the Box Location in Niagara to inherit the rotation of the system?

Hi, I have one syustem with one emitter that’s using a box location. Rotating the system in the level, doesn’t rotate the box, it keeps facing world space. I don’t want to use the rotation inside the Box location, because we want to rotate each system in the level separately. Any help is appreciated thank you!

I believe enabling local space will apply the local space rotation of the system.

Alternatively add a world-local transform after your shape location if you want to keep the system world space

Yeah I expected local space in the emitter and the box loc to make it local space but it doesn’t seem to work, setting the position offset to local in the initialize particle works correctly but box loc seems finicky. I ended up using position offset and using a bunch of temp particles to visualize the volume. Thank you Niels for the reply and info