Quick Intro and a couple of questions for the community

Hey all!

First off great site and extremely welcoming feel. Finding it really made my day.

I’m a past game artist looking at getting back into the industry. I worked at EA Vancouver with the Need For Speed team doing world animations and destructible objects. I was on three James Bond games and work on NFS: UG2, Carbon, Most Wanted, and ProStreet. My wife and I left Vancouver to open a bed and breakfast, but I went back to do a contract stint to work on Sleeping Dogs with United Front Games. I wasn’t involved in VFX creation but worked hand and hand with the effects team for years. They built them and I placed and triggered them to go with my animations.

My wife and I have decided to move back to the west coast with our family to be closer to friends. That, and I’m really missing game development. I decided exploring VFX complemented my past skill set and would give me a chance to leverage my past experience and grow professionally. I’ve been focusing on learning Unity scripting and particle systems the last while and have a quick question about demo reels:

Are Youtube/Vimeo appropriate sites for showing off demo reels or is there another site that is geared specifically for artists demo reels?



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I personally find Vimeo to give off a more professional vibe, but I don’t think it has the same discoverability as Youtube does. Artstation is also hugely popular, so I’d recommend you throw one up there as well!

And don’t forget to create a thread here when you do, I’d love to see it!

Thanks Chris! These would be for specific submissions to the companies but I’ll be posting some WIP pieces so you guys and gals can critic. I’m struggling in some areas, but having reviewed some of my stuff from two months ago I’m feeling good about my progress. Thanks again for the reply.

Youtube video compression is kind of a turn off for me but as stated above, YT has more exposure. And it’s free, you don’t have to pay for any subscription to get over 500m/month like Vimeo.

And yes, ArtStation is a must.

Edit: btw, you should join the discord server, if that’s not already the case : Discord

Joined, thanks Fenix!

There has to be some magic compression setting for YouTube. I was watching a few videos from Tested, and at 1080 their vids were crystal clear and I thought they were playing at 4k for a second.

@Davy_White There are some trade offs. I found I can scrub pretty well through the video, but you are restricted to the default playback speed, where YouTube, you can reduce the speed down to 25%. I stick to Youtube for ease of use, but you could always do both and post them on an Artstation or personal website

They probably recorded with a higher resolution then scaled it down in 1080p ? But if there’s is any trick for that, i’d like to know. I’ll do some investigation tonight.

There’s 0 pixelation, banding or artifacting. Not sure what kind of tasty magic they use

Yes, I’ve been doing loads of tutorials for all kinds of game dev stuff and most are on Youtube and a few are on Vimeo. I really notice when I can’t slow/speed up the videos.

Thanks for the heads lads…