Questions about Copied Skeletal Mesh Compound follow the Original Mesh in BP

Hello! I’m unity fx artist who’s try to become FX TA in Unreal Engine.
I’v done several things with paragon character and made this Effect.

However, When I try to use same method in my custom character the copied mesh won’t follow it
I’m pretty sure i did something wrong in paragon blue print or animation blue print, but not sure what to change any ideas?

Custom ParagonBP Setting

Reaally need some help here :frowning:



Is this just a duplicate of the SkelMesh component with a different material effect? Which you are then basically revealing?
You will need to play the exact same animations on both SkelMeshes. Make sure the same anim graph is assigned to both SkelMeshes and that any kind of anim changes are fed into both at the same time.

Not 100% sure what you’re doing exactly though, so maybe my assumption is wrong.