Q7204k: Sketch #6 WIP

Hi everyone!
So many great engines! I have to try and show my skill =D

Ok, I was trying to keep it simple but… adding small changes here and there… custom shader, image effects…just couldn’t stop!
Finally after a huge clean up - ta-da!"

P.s. This is one of the shaders I was working on (it’s looks like a water engine):



I really like both, the bottom one I would be more interested in to see how you set it up, the top one looks more like what I’d want on my own spaceship :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! =)
Maybe you remember I’ve asked you about “how to make engine effect” about two months ago during your live-stream and you showed me how to make it using a mesh =)

For the contest I was trying to make a shader:

*Try to use different textures)

Anyway, result was very far from what I want =
So I’ve decided to use mesh+particles for this VFX:


An animated version: