Pyro Volume to Mesh

Just as an experiment I was thinking of taking a volume to vdb and animate it I was wondering if this was the right way to go about it.
“Was wondering if there was a way to make a mesh out of a pyro or dry ice volume from houdini sort of like you would with the FLIP simulation in houdini to be imported as a mesh.”

You could use the convertVDB node in houdini. It will create a mesh around the volume that you can adjust based on the density of the volume.

Of course, since its a mesh it will just be a shell of geom around the volume and you will lose all the interior details of the volume. Each frame will also have a different topology and very high poly counts if you want any sort of detail in the mesh.

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Yeah actually I tested it this morning but I went the path of going from volume to points to surface mesh. The surface mesh I then exported as an alembic and went into the game engine. Once I did that I made a shader that was using some noise maps and sort of did some raymarching.

Wasn’t actually sure how to delete the post, and forgot to reply until you did.

But thank you for the reply regardless and your input.

What Caleb said. @Partikel also has a very detailed walkthrough demonstrating the process of meshing some flip fluids to import into UE4. I don’t have the link on hand atm but i’ll see if I can find it for you.

Edit: Found it!

Thank you I completed a bit ago forgot to update I was trying to accomplish this inside of Unity. Took the same applied techniques from that video.

I’m also interested in this question. I would like to see your results, if possible.

Sorry it’s not available, if I do another project of it I’ll make sure to post it.