Putting a demo reel together

Hi peoples, it’s been a while since i posted :slightly_smiling_face:

Since i’ve finished my studies i’m trying to work on a reel so i can start searching for a job in the industry.
I made this for now i would love to hear about what you guys think and what i can improve / remove or add,
I’m having trouble being neutral about my effect so it’s hard to judge which one should stay or not.

Also what do you guys think is the optimal duration for a demo reel, i tried to keep only my best craft but this result in a slightly shorter video.

Updated Reel :

Older Reel :


The one I’d for sure cut is @ 0:37. For what it is, it’s a good effect, but it lacks the complexity of all your other effects, and the one right after it has the same stylized feel while being more interesting and complex. I was waiting for something to happen after the lines traced on the ground, but then it just moved on to the next, so it’s just kind of a visual speedbump.

I think you can cut out the first 5 seconds of the space scene, and fade in right when the meteors start shooting by.

I think the first weapon swipe + dissolve effects are cool, but they could use just a tad bit more polish. The only negative things that stood out were your trails not matching up with your animation and meshes. Other than that, I think the colors and materials are really good.

One last thing I’d suggest is just put your same name and contact info again at the end. That just helps connect your work with you name, especially if someone is going through a dozen reels that day. Your reel is less than a minute and you already fade and hold on black for a few seconds. You can also have your name and contact info sit for another second on your opening before fading in to your work.


First off, thanks for your advices i appreciate your efforts a lot,

I was also thinking about cutting the one at 0:37 i didn’t mentioned it to avoid influencing others.
it feels short too i agree with that.

I’m keeping all your advices about the contacts stuff, but I’ll have to keep the slashes untouched i don’t have the project anymore the files are corrupted and i don’t feel like he brings my portfolio down enough to cut it, still a good point tho ! :slight_smile:

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That’s totally fine, that was just me being super nit picky. Probably more so than most, since I’m staring at that kind of stuff all day every day right now. They feel good and that’s what’s important; they match up with the animation’s timing and sword speed very well.

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Hiya! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you put your reel together? Did you use unreal? And if so, did you just use the sequence options or did you use a third party recording device and editing software?

I’m trying to make a demo reel of my own, but for now I’m working on the actual content. I want to be able to show my work effectively but I’m having trouble thinking of what would be the best option to record everything.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tehmora, i used Unity only for this reel and i’ve recorded with OBS which is one of the best recording software at the moment.

You can check on youtube for some tutorials on how to customize it because it’s somewhat complex and do not run very well out of the box. Also i export every scene into a build so i can run it full screen without any lag.


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Okay so it’s been 6 month already. I had time to work on my craft and i changed my reel quite a lot since the last time, so i’m sharing my reel again here !

Any feedback are still very welcome :smile:


Solid colors and timing. I loved the powerful bow shot in particular.

Only feedback I’d have is I felt the fire paled in comparison to the rest of the reel, so might be better to just not include it. :slight_smile:

Also the enemy who spawns in with the purple colors, that’s a bit on the slow end.

Great reel overall!

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u say very fine,i thinke u are a fllow perfect man ,work is this.

Thanks Janga, i’m glad you liked it :smile:

I feel the same way with the fire, i hesitated to put it in but it’s kind of a filler i might just reduce the time on screen by 3-4 sec until i have something better to show. Also you are not completly wrong about the purple spawn effect it stays on screen a bit too long at the end i will try to tweak some timing and stuff.

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