Prot: Sketch #55



It’s been a long time!

I will try to realise this challenge with a vfx from ‘Prototype’, mainly from the fisrt one but probably with element from both.

Here the ref (1 & 2)


I take it as an opportunity to dig more into niagara!
I have this actually, the ‘main’ system for the tentacles:

With this setup from niagara:

The ‘Base_Shape’ emitter give me the control on the ‘direction’ for each tentacle
‘Base_Tentacle’ emitter control the visual appearance and animation movement.

I tried to keep some parameters to play and adjust the tentacles easily

I already have to address many big thanks to Kanoba (Jordan), from the rtvfx discord. The work and answers provided about the ‘Cheese-Goo’ is full of ressources!

It’s maybe not the ‘best’ method to do this kind of vfx, but let’s try like this!

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