Problem with recording vs. real time play - Unity VFX Graph

Hi, I’m new here so hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m having a problem recording what I see on real time play - inside unity my work looks cool but when I’m recording all that glitches that I like are gone. Any ideas what should I do?
I’m attaching a screen recording and the recording output from the recorder.

screen recording

recorder output

Thanks :slight_smile:

that is nice fx, can u talk about that a little bit? For the result, I think because ur fx is very and the Recorder doesnt match the fps ?

Well, I think I kind of solved it. I added noise to the particle’s velocity and then the simulation could no converge. This is my hypothesis at least :slight_smile:

here you can see the final result with a bit of color correction.

About the fx - well, I’m kind of new to VFX Graph and my background is mostly Houdini and Blender. A while ago I found these two artists called Pixel Flux and Smangiat, and I got hooked to their mesmerizing artworks. They both stated that they use VFX Graph to generate their work so I decided to try it myself. Obviously, I did not manage to even get close to their work but I keep on trying. In this work I started with a strange attractor that later on I manipulated it’s particles velocity and position and used a sphere collider to get it more energetic.
You can see more of my work right here
I still need to do a lot of figuring out and tons of trial and error until I get to where I want.

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