Problem using Niagara Emitters within Niagara System (UE5)

Hi all, I’m new to VFX and I’m trying to follow tutorials. During this, I noticed that I have this often frustrating problem of my Emitters being locked within my System. This makes me go into the individual Emitters to change something that I need to change within a System. In this tutorial I’m following, one Emitter in particular is being changed from 2 different Systems. I’m creating duplicated versions of Emitters but it’s causing problems and becoming very confusing.

Has anyone else run into this issue and know how to fix it?
Niagara Problem

Thanks in advance!

Hi! It’s because the emitter inside the system is inheriting from an emitter asset, so it doesn’t allow you to edit certain things without going into the emitter asset itself. You can right click the emitter inside a system and select Remove parent emitter to edit it, although doing so will also not update it if you make further changes to the emitter asset, so keep that in mind!


Sorry for the late reply, thanks so much!

I understand now this definitely will help me going forward, thanks I fixed it!

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