Power Node Issue in unity Shader Graph

Hey Guys, I created Material from PBR shader Graph in Unity. In one of the textures I have a power node, when I make Value ‘0’ of the power node my whole scene is gettign black. I dont know why it’s happening like this, anyone can help me With that how do I fix this? Please. thanks

“Power” is exponentiation. Meaning if you have the base (b) and the exponent (x) the form b^x.
If x is set as 0, you will at the end multiply b with 0, resulting in 0 which will be shown as black.

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hey thanks for responding, I Have multiple Texture in the shader I wanna make one texture Desapering at begging and visible at the end for that I am using the power node to control that but when I make 0 my whole scene is black so which other node I can use for that can you guide me please? thanks.

Not quite sure how you are using your power node, but you could check if the value is 0 or less and switch to a different input and avoiding the problem