Poll: Which Theme Color (Light or Dark) Should be Default?

It’s time for a community vote! Which theme should be the default that users see when they first come to the site? Every user will still have the option to toggle to the other theme should they choose.

The default theme should be:

  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme

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I’ll set whichever wins to the default this evening.

Im fine with either, as long as I can set it to dark, but thats personal.
It might be a good option to configure when you first sign up to this website :slight_smile:

I was waiting for the dark theme since the announcement mainly because I don’t like how the new logo doesn’t contrast with the background in the light theme and that makes it hard to see. I wouldn’t mind which one was the default if it wasn’t for that little thing.

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We’re working on a way to switch logos with the color theme - unfortunately it has to go back up to the Discourse devs themselves =/

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The Dark theme is now the default!

I lied - we figured it out!


Damn this new theme feels good on my eyeballs

I really like the dark theme, but it’s quite hard for me to see which posts i’ve already read (especially on mobile). Could you grey the read posts out just a fraction, and not just make them bold/not bold? :slight_smile:


Good note - It looks like the mobile version isn’t even graying out as much as the desktop version. I’ll try to take a look at it soon.

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