Polished Water Shader

Hey Everyone!

I did a bit of polish work on my entry for last month’s challenge. Made it into a pool rather than a river and added some art.

Any feedback you can give would be really appreciated.

Full unity shader code is available on my blog if anyone wants to know how it was made!





First of all, I really like the idea of this cute little pool, especially with the little sparkles. It fits really well.
Personally I have two things that dropped into my eye after looking at the gifs.

  1. The water is moving with too much energy and is moving in a big chunk. Maybe try slowing it down a bit, and adding a few move vertices to allow a bit more of a wavy movement.
  2. The caustics that are visible ontop of the water are usually on the ground and the walls of a pool. Maybe try adding those to the inside of the pool and see how things look like. You could also try and lerp between 2 moving caustic textures to create an illusion of actual light penetrating the water.

I hope what I said makes sense! :smiley:

Hey! Thanks for the feedback!

100% see what you mean with the first point, will try vary and slow it down a little.

With the caustics, I did try that but thought that while it was more realistic, the flatter water was just more stylish looking. That’s it below - what do you think? (Was done v/ quickly, needs mesh fade etc. but generally didn’t like the look so didn’t continue.)

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Yeah I can see what you mean :smiley: Also it seems like it doesnt fit to the stylized art, it just kinda feels too realistic or out of place… cant tell what it quite is. I defintely liked it more when they were ontop, after seeing this. :smiley:

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