Poetic vfx Madrid or remote (in Unity)

Hi Guys!

I contact you because I’m looking for a VFX artist to create a special kind of visual effect: an “energy orb” that transmits that it’s alive.

Simply put it’s an “energy ball”. But it should be perceived as more than a simple lifeless ball.

It should be perceived as a character on itself. A character with life and emotion that wants to talk to the viewer through its movements.

It’s a “magic being” (made of energy) that expresses itself. An “energy-creature” that wants to connect with you, “talk” to you.

The key words are:

It should be something very cool, very attractive to the eye, mesmerizing.

It’s like staring at something you cannot stop looking at (like what happens to you when you look at a fire).

I’m not looking for big explosions or things like that, it should be more organic and even innocent.

Secondary adjectives could be: glimpses of innocence and cuteness. Again, it’s a being trying to express itself.

I can send you a reference, a first attempt I have created in Unity.

But I think it’s better if I allow to create a first image on your mind without “contamination”.

If you are serious about it and decide you want to give this a try:

Let me know, give it a shot and then I will send you my attempt.

I understand it will help to illustrate with image what I’m looking for.

Important: these VFX have to be done in Unity (Shuriken, VFX Graph, …)
I need to be able to keyframe the behaviour of the VFX in Unity.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best wishes,

weAR team