Pmiller Demo Reel Critiques please

Aloha everyone. I havent made a demo reel in over 5 years, so this is exciting. I got into realtime VFX about a month ago, and i love the stuff. It’s so active, and no problem is the same. My brain feels like its always firing off at all cylinders. This is my first demo reel. Please let me know what you think, and how I can improve. Thank you.

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First of congratz on your improvements, you actualy did pretty well for only a month into VFX,
If i can give you some advice (don’t take it too seriously tho, there is people with far more experience than me on this forum, this is just my advices and general feeling about your reel)

The form :

  • I think you can reduce the amount of time your introduction takes, 5 secondes is pretty long, try to make it dynamic, i would say 2 secondes at maximum, if they want to contact you they will simply pause the video anyway.
    Again putting it at the end isn’t useful, i mean put it at the end or at the begining but both is kinda overkill.
  • You could also add some text on screen and give a name to your vfx so we realy get what’s going on.

Visual effects :

  • When doing visual effect try to be clear with what you want to achieve, it’s hard to tell whether the first vfx is a shield, a burst of just an environemental effect, here is an intresting video on the subject, it goes about the shape colors and motion to capture what make a spell friendly, dangerous, etc… it might help you (link : Artistic Principles of VFX).
  • Also If it’s a shield or a character buffing spell, as i think it is, try to set up a scene, take a basic sphere that make up for a character so we understand clearly what’s going on.
  • The fire is pretty darn good, nothing to say about it except maybe try adding some variation to it, but it’s just some minor details. still a great job !
  • The walking vfx is very good and intresting, this is something i might try some day.
  • Also the rest is very nice.

Hope it helped :slight_smile:

I appreciate you taking the time Tayko. A lot of that is a habit from my animation background, but i think youre right. I’ll change up the beginning. I feel as though it adds a lot of unnecessary time. I didnt think about the orb though. I’ll throw a character in the middle, that ought to look good. Thanks again!

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