Pls give me some ideas to make this effect

Searching some post process effect, i found this one

in the video you can see amazing scanning(?) effect
especially that grid effect look super cool to me


but i literally have no idea how to make that one
is it kind of edge-glowing plane or just post processing?

please give me some ideas :frowning:

Well there is a lot going on on the video and I wouldn’t call it ONE effect, there’s many effects synchronized when you press the scan.
I have no clue on how they did it but this is how I would do it.

So I don’t know which effect you want to recreate I will just assume you want to recreate the grid and the overall look (so excluding the animations)

  • The simplest way to make the grid is modeling it (animate its visibility when scan is active )
  • There is post process transition from normal view to blueish (a simple solution would be to blend different LUT with a spherical mask)
  • A Vfx a the begining like TV static noise that hide the transition (can be either UI or place in front of the camera)
  • And some glitch vfx that we can see in the sky that comes randomly

There’s INDEED and edge detection shader (but you can barely see it in .25 times speed) and if you use Unreal here’s a tutorial for that:

So to sum up the post process effect is not that complex, the cool factor comes from all the looping animations, attached UI element and all animated little things that they add ontop of it… that might have been a lot of work.

Hope it helps a lil bit !


Thanks for your great opinions!!
i’ll give it a try soon :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe it will help:

At blog they show some hints what they did. As said Pyrath - here is a complex of effects (we can call it “system”). IRIS vision - really cool looks at switch (especially).
More articles about AC:


this blog will be very helpful to me
Thanks for sharing!! :smiley: