Please welcome our newest Admin, Deepspacebanana!

Hey guys! Super quick announcement… we’re excited to present to you all our newest Admin, @DeepSpaceBanana!

@DeepSpaceBanana’s main responsibility will be taking over the helm of the VFX Sketches! It’s been a fantastic ride over the past couple years hosting the sketches, and I am excited to see this next chapter as we naturally evolve into the future! I will still be here to support and help where needed, but if you have needs specifically concerning the sketches, @DeepSpaceBanana will be your main point of contact!

An additional thank you to @Niels who has also been helping out greatly behind the scenes on the last few sketches, like this months Pixel Perfect challenge!

Again, If you need to reach out to us concerning the sketches or any other matter concerning this community, as always, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help! :heart:


Welcome @DeepSpaceBanana! I’m sure you’ll do fine as an admin! :sparkles: :alien:


Thanks guys, I’ll do my best to keep these sketches engaging and rewarding for the community!


Welcome buddy! We can always use some additional deep fried banana’s here.

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Welcome aboard. Excited to see you drive this further. :slight_smile: