Please feedback my 3D effect portfolio!

Hi,I am Japanese Student creating 3D Effects. So,I uploaded my portfolio to the Vimeo yesterday!!
Please feedback to me!


Hi there Yuuki!

The VJ loops at the beginning of your reel are so cool. The lightning bolts at 02:46 look amazing too, the impact frame gives it a lot of punch hehehe :zap:

You made those effects for a client or is it a personal project? Good job!

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HI Lush!
Thank you for watching the movie!! I’m excited because It’s my first time to chat in English.

I’m glad to praise my effects!! The lightning bolts was created to make viewer feel numb :smiley:
I create it for personal project!

I’m sorry if my English is hard to communicate.

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These effects look good! I think the meteor and lightning in particular are really strong. I think my main piece of feedback would be to shorten the reel a little bit! Recruiters are often in a rush and might skip around if the video is too long. I would suggest cutting out the intro at least (aside from your name of course!), and go straight into showing your effects in-engine. Focus on showing off your very best pieces! Very nice work!

Edit: Didn’t realize this was 2 years old, whoops!