Plagiarism, etc, I really don't have a good title for this

So, While looking for ref, I stumble upon this portfolio.

The portfolio is quite nice,
however, if you have a look at the last effect, it is pretty much a carbon copy of one of my older works.

This one, to be precise.

If this is your portfolio, or you know this person, please please please, contact me so we can do this properly!

If this isn’t your portfolio, do you see any other work in here that is too similar to existing material?
I’m willing to believe this is a one off, but just in case…


Sadly art theft is pretty common I think probably not much that can be done about it other than making people aware.


Yeah, like tbh, It’s not really that I want to do something about it as much as I just wanna have a chat with the guy and ask him kindly to just mention me somewhere :smiley:
Thought if I made a post and he’s on here, it’ll probably take his attention :smiley:

And get the attention of other vfx people to see if he didn’t copy other people as well.

Hmmm… but it looks similar with black hole concept for Interstellar film. Do you really think thats fully your own idea for VFX? I dont what to stay on any of sides in this war, and i dont want to make you feel bad. Just all VFX’s really often looks similar with other and what we can do with that? If i see your work and trying to recreate its a bad or good?

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Personally, I think “it’s not right, but it’s okay”. A showreel is IMHO a medium that roughly shows what the person is capable of. At the other hand, I fail to understand why he didn’t even alter it slightly since he’s capable of imitating the exact effect.

Anyways, I agree it’s quite annoying but stuff like this happens all the time on other disciplines. I used to be a “linear” vfx artist working on feature films/commercials in post-production studios and it wasn’t rare to have clients that come up with a reference and want “the exact same look”, maybe that’s why I’m quite numb about it. :confused:


At least say it’s a study, and mention or link the original artist


even if a mention would be kind, you can still see it as a compliment!
(note to self: when will someone finally copy my stuff FFS)

I would agree if it didnt have the same fade in effect, same flat cylinder mesh which folds down in towards the middle, same color scheme, same sparks and… well same everything. Its like tracing over someone elses picture and saying its yours.

It is a pretty spot on recreation though. So props to the creator for that I guess haha

1st, did you upload the vfx somewhere and is it possible he could steal the data somehow?
2nd, all the “Interstellar Black Hole” videos I saw, look completely different, maybe someone can give me a proper link?
3rd, we are all inspiring each other, people steal color palettes, shapes etc. However, this is a 1:1 copy and the 2nd laziest form of inspiration (right after copying a tutorial and selling it). Dunno how some of you take it so lightly. Personally, I would be mad wasting my time to explore what works for someone else to copy everything 1 by 1 :slightly_frowning_face:

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@Un1horn I get what you mean, but if you look at his effect you can clearly see exact components being copied, down to the shader used in the orb. Also I don’t see this as a war, If this person managed to remake my effect without copying I’m genuinely impressed.

@Ninjin Yeah, that is exactly what I am worried about, I have a download link for that project on my website. It’s more of a technical showcase for recruiters to have a look at. It wouldn’t have been very difficult at all for him to copy that.

I’m also worried that he did exactly the same to other artists, I just don’t want to make that assumption :smiley:

@Niels Oh so your project is publicly downloadable? Now I believe it’s %99,9 stolen. :confounded:

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Sorry guys, i dont understand at first look what do we talking about. Its really bad if we will only copying 1:1 effects of each other. Its all about growing up and inpiring.

@Ninjin Tottaly agree with you, thx for your message. Sorry for my mistakes

@Niels Sorry for my first answer it doesnt was agressive and i dont understand core of problem, but now i clearly see that.

Oh okay, I didn’t realize that the same data might have been used. In that case it’s not a well done replica/fanart but actually just cheap imposterism.
Like downloading concept art on art station and posting the same with your own account, letting it appear to be yours. In that case not cool. silly.

Well the thing is, It’s not a straigt up copy pasta, I tend to try and work with 50/50 balances both in saturation and hue. His version however lacks the darkness that I decided to use around mine.
The colours are slightly different as well, his yellow’s and red’s are way closer to eachother and the range of colours is much smaller.
Either he downloaded my project files and started playing with the numbers and colours and textures until he got what he has.
Or he didn’t download it and did quite a good job studying and replicating the effect.
I don’t wanna jump to conclusions just yet :smiley:

When we see FX we like, many of us will try to recreate them. It’s not theft, I’m sure you got the idea from somewhere. How many times has bullet time been recreated? Be flattered that someone liked your work enough to emulate it. It’s a nice effect, and I’d like to try to recreate it now. It’s not like you can copyright an effect.

You are absolutely free to try and emulated it, and please do show me when you have done, I’ll even try to help you.
What I do not want people doing is copy my files directly from my website and pretend they made it :smiley:


This ^^^^

It’s like doing a tutorial 1-to-1 and turning it in for credit in school.


Maybe it’s just someone who sees your work and has a better idea to create it again