Pixellated UVs with procedural animated materials in UE5

Hi There,

I am building a procedural kaleidoscope shader in unreal engine, but I can’t figure out how to remove these pixellated artifacts. With or without a texture it appears the UV manipulations in my graph are creating this pixellated look where as I would like it to be very smooth so I can even do some WPO in the material. Attached is a screenshot & video to show whats happening:


As you can see as the effect dilates it starts to pixelate.

Looks like a stretched aliased texture in the image.
Is the kind of pixellation the same wither or not a texture is used or not?

Seems like it?

Is it hardcoded into the engine for performance reasons?

If you’re using panner nodes, make sure you tick the “fractional part” box, it’ll reduce problems caused by floating point precision errors