Piotr : Sketch #56 - Frozen

Hey! I’m fairly new to real-time VFX and this is my second time attempting any sort of challenge in that field, I tried the most recent ArtStation one but due to work overload and just starting at the time I simply lacked the ability and time to finish it.

I liked that the subject of the theme is very loose and I went with the idea of creating an effect based on freezing rain and making something out of that, turns out you can’t go wrong with an explosion! I’ve had to rework the way I originally intended on making this come to life because I found some technical limitations and blockers with the particle system.

For this challenge I am going to be using Unity and creating shaders as well as particle systems as I still lack experience with the VFX graph and I’m going to create an effect that lasts approximately 20 seconds, below you can see what I managed to get up to in the last week and I’m feeling confident about getting this to a point I like before the deadline :slight_smile:

I still need to work on the distortion effect, rain/ice shader, tri-planar shader, particle amount and work on the timing of things as well as the presentation of the effect. I will also add more effects to the actual explosion to make it more powerful and blend some Mixamo animations on the character to aid the presentation.

Final effect for the deadline:


Nice! Really impressive beginning :smiley: Can’t wait to see how you work on that further!

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Thanks Manus! Ran out of time but I think I’ll keep playing about with it after the deadline :smiley:

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Due to work and life taking most of my time I didn’t get to finalize this anywhere near to the extend I wanted to but most importantly I’ve learned a lot during these two weeks and I’m excited to work on this more in my spare time and get to use the skills in the future :slight_smile:

I lost out on the frozen material on the actual pillars after switching from rectangles and didn’t get to set up animations for the character or post explosion cool down effect but that’s something for the next time.

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