Personal VFX learning roadmap - Francesco Della Ragione

Hi! My name is Francesco and I’m an environment/texture artist currently exploring a bit of realtime VFX.

I’ve made myself a small roadmap to learn and explore realtime effects in the next weeks to see if I can figure out this shiny stuff.

I’ll be posting wips and my discoveries while gathering any feedback you guys can give as I’m really wandering in darkness. Most of the effects are going to be aimed at an hypotetical RTS/Topdown game ranging from fantasy to some sci-fi.

First in line is a light magic shield effect.
Currently in a place where i can call it a full iteration, but needing feedback to get it to the next level :smiley:
GoogleDrive Link

It’s in UE4 cascade with textures done in Substance Designer.
Any pointers would be helpful since i’m still figuring most of the stuff out (even how to record videos with sequencer)

EDIT: and I can’t get to embed the video from Google Drive so there’s a link, I’ll try and upload it to vimeo or something


YouTube embeds easily if you copy/pasta the URL.

The effect is looking really good! I like the overall shapes and timing of it. One thing that you may be able to do is play with the rotating bubble texture. Just break it up so it’s no so obviously a solid rotating texture.

I really love what you have going on near the floor on the inside of the bubble! Nice job!