Personal update from the future (humor)

The year is 2184…I’ve just sat down to use the latest version of Unreal.
The Ultra Niagara curve editor still does not have weighted beziers.
All hope is crusht.

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We’ve built incredible holographic emitters, creating effects that can be touched and felt!

But editing the effect still requires you to restart the editor to see your changes. “We’ve shipped titles with these tools before” is the official excuse.


The year is 2184, the gaming industry has been reduced a series of random chance loot boxes each which contain any various elements from a game (Characters, Story, Props, Vfx, Cinematics Etc The game assembles its self with each part won) The companies response to this online backlash is simply to offer 500 credits of the in game currency which amounts to 5$ in real world money (think about inflation by then)