Personal Projects

Hey all,

Long time no see, I was covered with programming and studying the whole last 1.5 month.
But I’m happy to say now I have more free time to improve my art abilities since I’m basically the tech guy.
I also have here somewhere in the forum a thread about character fx that is delayed forever to be done.

Please take a look at my latest work, feedback is welcome :slight_smile:



So Im changing this thread to a personal work thread where I show my works and asking for feedback.
I will post here also my old stuff and make it as a place for all my personal works to be seen.


This is a 300 lines of code that I started a day ago. Im writing my own ocean shader. there is a lot to be done better and improve. for example the normal texture cause me problems (I think its my transpose matrix). I don’t use surface shaders.
but so far It supports multiple lights. distortion, displacement map, and reflections.

That Build it Up game looks fun!

I think you’ve got good base elements for each particle system, but I’m interested to see more emitters used together. Currently, it feels like you’re trying to sell too much with just one element per effect. For instance, if the shield also had cards with rays of light stretching off of it, and a fuzz glow card on the ground, it would feel more like it was living in the environment.

Similarly, if you put extra bits in the large force-field energy rising off the platforms, it would feel less like a mesh with a scrolling texture on it. It’s all about creating the illusion of shimmering energy, covering up the techniques you’re using underneath.

Same sort of thought on the tractor beam and booster effects. A localized glow on the source of the energy would help marry the effect to the character, so it wasn’t clearly pieces of geometry floating out away from the character.

Excited to see your next iteration!

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thanks man, I agree 100% with your thoughts, I have a lot what to work on.