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I am making some works to make my reel.Therefore, I want to show you my works.
Feedback is welcome.

First, I made IceMagicSpell and Healing.


I’ve be happy if you would like.

I will post next work when I’ve done.

Thnak you.

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I like the healing a lot. For IceMagicSpell I have a feeling that something is off, but I can’t think of what’s the problem :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe impact doesn’t seem too bright (like adding a flash when ice appears or something).

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I’m so sorry for delaying reply for you.
Thank you for so helpful feedback.

I’m struggling for fixing flash based on your advice and next work.
When I’ve done fixing, I would upload it. I would appreciate that you would waiting for it.
Although many topics are on this site, you watched my work and gave kind advice.
I have gratitude for your kindness :smiling_face_with_tear:

I apologize you for selfishness :pensive:

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Oh don’t worry at all! We are all here to help.
Also if you would need help with implementing what I said then feel free to ‘private message’ me

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Long time no see.

I have made Fire Fighter Effect.
I uploaded on Youtube and put GIF here.

Unity Fire Fihgter Effect - YouTube

This Effect’s making is so difficult journey for me because I have tried Houdini to make sprite smoke, fire ring and animation breaking ground (their quality is terrible :sweat_smile:).
And I came home to my unskilled texturering.
So Far, although I made some Effects by Shader Graph, I thought that I did not know about Shader Graph at all this time. But I understood a little about it now, I’m in the joy of Shader. Alpha Erosion is so fun :smile:

And I feel that two big issue are colorring and timing. This effect color is bright everywhere.Timing is not comfotable so much.
I wanna be abale to color wide range! I wanna be good at nice timing!

I think there so many ploblem to solve, but I would start next work to enjoy learning.
It took a lot of time to make this effect. Next time, I would challenge short time and higher quolity.

I would be delighted to hear your thoughts, opinions, or feedback :smiley:

I’m sorry for my poor English.Thank you.

Small Fixed


Unity Fire Fihgter Effectsmall_Fixed - YouTube

I have made Wind Slash Effect.
I uploaded on Youtube and put GIF here.


Unity WindSlash Effect - YouTube

I have challenged stylized style effect this time.
I think I could slightly improve two issues that I mentioned myself previous post, color and timing.

About color, when I facepalmed and did try and error, I found awsome videos that Jason Keyser uploaded on Youtube.

Artistic Principles of VFX #3: Value - YouTube
Artistic Principles of VFX #4: Color - YouTube

These videos very helped me.After watching these videos, I added contrust and wider color range.
(The wind color I choosed is diifiult for me. It is narrow hue. If I choosed more green, it may be “toxic” atmosphere. If I choosed more blue, it may be “ice” atmosphere.)

I appriciate Jason Keyser very much :blush:

About timing, I made hit seaquances and tornado’s end to be more dissipation.

Although I looked back this work, I feel many issues my work. I want to make better work next time.

I introduce my favarite point in this effect. That is ground smoke.It is on character foot and Tornado’s foot.
I am not good at handpaint. But I want to make anime style smoke. UV scroll, masking and alpha erosion tequnique helped my wish.
Especially, when I noticed that additve blend make smoke’s depth, I was so excited.
I refarenced this work and appreciate this work author.
ArtStation - 镰之怒

Shader and texture here.

Material Property
(Character Ground Smoke)
Character Ground Smoke Material_01

(Tornado Ground Smoke)
Tornado Ground Smoke Material_01

Mask texture is roughly my handpaint :sweat_smile:

Character Ground Smoke texture
Character Ground Smoke texture

Tornado Ground Smoke texture
Tornado Ground Smoke texture

I tasked myself that using(making) new shader tequnique this work.So I am happy now :grinning:
It may be classic and famous tequnique, I hope someone’s help.

If you have any questions or find problem, fell free to tell me :smile:


I have made Lightning Strike Effect.
I uploaded on Youtube and put GIF here.
LightningStrike for Gif_Gif

My goal was using POM and making realistic style effect this time.

I used DMC5’s Cavaliere Angelo as a refarence to make realistic style.

Esepecially, his lightning color is so cool and have many learning points for me.
From him, I learned that minute gradation is important to show realistic by using narrow color range. In other words, I didn’t have to use many and wide colors.
And I kept in mind make whole gradation from end to start.

If you have opinions or feedback, I would so appreciate.
Please free to tell me something.

Thank you.


I have made WaterProjectile with AOE.
I uploaded on Youtube and put GIF here.

I wish hope you like it.
Thank you.