Pendaco's Sketch Book


I am making some works to make my reel.Therefore, I want to show you my works.
Feedback is welcome.

First, I made IceMagicSpell and Healing.


I’ve be happy if you would like.

I will post next work when I’ve done.

Thnak you.


I like the healing a lot. For IceMagicSpell I have a feeling that something is off, but I can’t think of what’s the problem :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe impact doesn’t seem too bright (like adding a flash when ice appears or something).

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I’m so sorry for delaying reply for you.
Thank you for so helpful feedback.

I’m struggling for fixing flash based on your advice and next work.
When I’ve done fixing, I would upload it. I would appreciate that you would waiting for it.
Although many topics are on this site, you watched my work and gave kind advice.
I have gratitude for your kindness :smiling_face_with_tear:

I apologize you for selfishness :pensive:

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Oh don’t worry at all! We are all here to help.
Also if you would need help with implementing what I said then feel free to ‘private message’ me

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