Paweł Pawliczak : Embergen Challenge

Newest WIP:

I gave up on trying to make thumbnail work T_T

Finally got some time to test embergen and damn, it’s so cool. Very intuitive, easy to learn and what i love the most - INSTANT result. I think I will go with few flipbooks with various buoyancy settings, not sure if going for realism or more stylized look yet. Here are some first tests :

Testing flipbook in UE4 to see what channels I should use, so far I fit in one texture using Emmisive, RenderKey,RenderAmbient and alpha. I’m adding RenderAmbient with RenderKey for smoke color (Base Color) and multiplying it by a value. For flames I’m using Emmisive channel going through the smooth step (controlled by alpha particle color), then multiplying it by a blackbody and multiply again by a value. Setting high smoothness in smooth step and setting the curve to go from -.1 to 0 gives a nice highlighted smoke from the flames.

New WiP, got some planet-like background with buildings and atmospherics

Here’s a quick reminder that this Challenge closes this evening! Don’t forget to submit your final video to JangaFX using this Form if you’ve yet!

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