Patrick Bonsu - VFX Reel 2018

Hi all! My first time posting here after lurking on and off for a few months.
This is my first VFX showreel comprised of some bits I have done for environments I’ve created in UE4 during my post-graduate in game art.
I’m hoping to work on my VFX a lot more once my course finishes in a couple of months.
Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.



Nice for first time, but last explosion it is from Partikel tutorials. Put things from tutorials without your own rework and changes - is bad idea ._.

Thanks for having a look and for the feedback. I did follow Partikel’s tutorial for the explosion, and clearly I didn’t make enough changes to make it my own since you spotted it straight away. I have some spare time coming up soon, so I will try to use that to find my own method of doing this.

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