Parameter Map For ? Module Script

Are there any examples or documentation on how to use this node in the Module Script inside Niagara?

Content example have used this. But i couldn’t get it working yet.

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Thank you Asif!
Which content example number would that be?

I am trying to figure it out as well. I need to Spawn a secondary particle system per particle ID (from the source particles) based on an array.
Hope I am making sense.
That said I am looking at this node as it seems to do For Loop iteration.

So lets say Particle ID 0 = 0 particles spawned
Particle ID 1 = 5 particle spawned
Particle ID 2 = 2 Particles Spawned.
Something like this:

This one in ue4.27 they have two version of this same fx and one of them. Using map for node. I hope you will find this fx

Here it is. in the content example of ue4.27.
if you get any success with this node. please share that. thanks

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Hi Guys, Did you find any more information as to how this node works? I cant see where to add the function i want applying in the loop and also feed the outputs

I got this working, thanks for the example.

Just needed to set the max iteration count, then provide the int for the iteration and remember to increment it yourself each iteration.

@DryRain the MapFor just gives you a method of writing values to the parameter map over multiple iterations so you would plug in the output values of the function to the MapFor inputs.