[PAID] [ OPEN ] Looking for Gameplay VFX

Hello !

This is my first post

Looking for VFX expert with (( Unreal Engine 5.1 )) , Fantasy Quality , Complexity , Advanced

The video under represent the Quality am looking for

Job Based on Budget Milestones and the deadline is in 2 months the amount of VFX needed is around 15 most simple except 3 will be very complex and advanced

  • No Studios
  • NDA contract
  • Employment Contract [ If needed from the Artist ]
  • Quality must include details [ for example fire without smoke and particles is not accepted ]
  • Feel free to work any time you like as long as am getting what i want before 2 months
  • Final Product must be ready to use in unreal engine 5.1 for example if you did VFX in houdini it must be ready to use in unreal i just grap and place

Contact me at Discord The End#4801
if upwork send me your upwork profile link on discord

Thank you