Pablito's VFX

My name is Paweł Fijałkowski and I recently started learning real-time VFX, trying to transition from graphic design to game dev. I have been lurking at this forum for a while, but as I am finishing my first project, I thought that I could start posting my work here to track the progress and gain some valuable feedback :slight_smile:

So in my first project I took a scene from Unity asset store and tried to give it 4 radically different moods with vfx, shaders and lighting.

Every feedback is welcome :wink: I am just starting so there is probably ton of stuff I could’ve done better :smile:


My favorite parts are the ambient fog and the rain. Any insight as to how you approached those?

I created fog from 2 components. Horizontally aligned, big, slow particles with shader panning two noise textures at different speeds (something similar to this) + regular billboard, cloudy, alpha blended particles to add some volume to the fog (and receive some light from the lamps).

Rain has more elements to it, but I think most important are: rainsheets to reduce number of required particles, and a bunch of simple meshes with panning, transparent water textures to simulate water flowing down the objects (similar to panning fog shader, but with additional animated layer to create the edge where water is falling from the object surface).

There is also a bit of post processing (bloom, colour corection) on both cameras.