Other visual effects exercises


thank you very much, i really appreciate it a lot! may i come back later asking you some questions? i’m currently under the effects of human growth hormone that i’ve taken that my doctor put me on because of my health problems. i see that you really know these things very good and i will appreciate if you could help me a little bit later when i would come back!


Love for that mob spawn ! how you did It :open_mouth:


Hey! I am learning a lot from this thread! So, I delved into the GDC presentation about making burst textures with Photoshop’s polar tools, but now I am quite embarrassed to ask… how are they used? It looks like they are just huge cards, but it is hard for me to tell. The motion is very short and then it sort of holds its position. Does anybody have pointers on this technique?


Are these particles also always aligned to camera as well? It seems like the intention is just an “exclamation” on the impact… like speed lines in manga or something. Are they often centered around an impact point of sorts? They look like they also have motion blur, but I bet that is just the softness (and largeness) of the texture talking, right?

Sorry for the stupid questions, I am just getting started.


Don’t be embarrassed, friend!

First of all, I can draw a vertical line in PS

And then use the motion blur

Use Gauss blur again

Final use of polar coordinates
It’s so simple, it’s done.

I have previously drawn a cartoon light, and I also used the polar coordinates. The basic method is below



I hope to help you