Oskar Larsson: Sketch #3 WIP

Hey, I’m also a bit late to the party but I still wanted to give the Challenge a try!
Used Unity and Shaderforge. I’m thinking about adding distortion and some smoke. :slight_smile:
If I can find the time i will do start/end effects.

System thumbnail:


It is so beautiful.I like it.:grinning:

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. :relieved:

Really beautiful, I love it! :smiley:
Can’t wait to see it done. :slight_smile:

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Screen capture - e24224a37cf077f198168910615c41cc - Gyazo


Looks great, nice work! I love the stylized look!

Looking solid man! Also, if you just copy and paste the .gif link it will automatically embed for easier viewing :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Ah ok I thought it was strange that it didn’t embed. I’l get some proper videocapture for next time aswell! :stuck_out_tongue:



That’s really good in stylized form.

Nice style! When you increase the intensity I’d say you probably want some overshoot (where the first burst of fire is bigger/travels further and is brighter than the main state).

Thanks for the feedback, i’l try that out! :smiley:

Update! Tried to burst the fire more as suggested by Doggett. :smile:
Also added some smoke at the start.


I would suggest to make it little big and wider to give it a wild look, Also it would be more cool I think to have a brust at once, currently it takes a start first with few flames and then burst. Just to give it a more realistic view. Good work though :+1:

Verrry nice :slight_smile:

I guess if I were to justify my direction, it would be like the gas has ignited - and you’ve done that great!

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Thanks for the feedback! I wanted the fire to have some anticipation which is why it takes some time before it starts.

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love it so far

for visualizing, maybe a checker floor so we can see the smoke blending

i’d just suggest you work on the ending; that fire cone simply shrinks in. Hiding with an outward flow would strengthen sequencing.

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I will call this done now! Worked on ending a bit. :slight_smile: Video on youtube seems to play faster then it should so i included a gif.
Thanks all for watching, and for all the feedback!


OOoooo I really like those rounded bursts, nice work man :slight_smile:

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That’s really sweet, how did you do it? Meshes?

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