Orieus: Sketch#33

Final Effect:
Its some kind of… nature… mushroom… poison… attack…

Threw this together over the last couple of days - had a busy month and a lack of ideas.
I basically just looked at the photos I had and tried to make some effects out of them :sweat_smile:
Even though I didn’t try hard to get nice images it was surprisingly easy to get usable fx textures out of them! Ill definitely be using random photos in future effects!~

Images used:
Basic leaf, cloud mask and 2 blood splatter masks
(I think the masks count as breaking the rules but they were great for learning!)

Full images used:

I also made the mushrooms in blender.

Not too happy with this effect as a whole - the parts feel kinda disjointed and it would’ve been good to incorporate more modelling and animations. BUT I learned a lot of particle system features and it was good learning how to cut up and edit photos to use as textures!
So posting this as more of a step in my learning journey :slight_smile: