Optimizing material quantity for mobile games

I am a beginner vfx artist, currently working on mobile shooter game, and I have a question about how to keep the amount of materials in game as low as possible to have less draw calls. Is there a way to have the same material that has texture, color, and other simple inputs, but it applies them individually for each object? Right now for example if I need 2 campdire effect one red, one blue, I duplicate the material for the second one just to change the color, because by changing the material, the changes apply for every object its being used on. And eventually it will result in having dozens of materials for each and every shape and color.
Ive researched this a bit, and found that there are ways to use material instancing or property blocks, but they require coding and im not sure if its applicable for mobile games. Can You pls help me find a solution please ?