OohSparkling SketchBook

Hello everyone, I am just starting out in VFX and self-learning on my spare time. Just wanting to put some work on here to document my VFX journey and also possibly get some feedback. Although right now it’s just some basic particle simulation stuff, I hope to start doing more complex work in the future!


For the first couple of weeks, I’ve learned how to make particles in Cascade, but then switched over to Niagara. This is a fireworks particle system I made this week to apply what I’ve learned

Trying to make a nice lightning impact with a ribbon renderer and jitter effect. I was wanting to have the lightning be more bent but it’s difficult to get the jagged effect


This is a torch fire made using guidance from ImbueFX live class!

Hello, I have been watching the Udemy VFX for Games course and for now I’ve made an AOE wind Effect. The idea is that the effect would protect the character for a few seconds and then have a damage AOE at the end. Any critique for this effect would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Finished my Aoe Fire Effect. This took longer than I thought it would, but I definitely learned a lot

My favorite part in making the Aoe fire effects was definitely painting textures. I think I learned a lot about painting as well for this project

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This week I made a projectile-- I am still going through the Udemy course. I tried to switch it up a bit and make something different than the example.

This is a closer look at the projectile

and this is the muzzle effect and impact

And this is the textures I used. I need to work on making textures less blurry-- I think I sort of achieved this in the trail texture by not using the soft brush as much. Any tips on this would be so helpful, thank you :]


Finished of the Udemy VFX course with the lightning projectile last weekend. Any tips to make this better would be appreciated :]

This is the projectile system


For the past few weeks I’ve been learning Houdini and working on this campfire Scene. The assets of the crates and wood were made in Houdini and the campfire is made in Unreal Niagara.

Any critique on how to make the campfire better would be so much appreciated. Thank you!

Here is my Dark Orb Spell. I used the Lightspell tutorial from ImbueFX to help make this effect. Any suggestions to make this better is much appreciated!