One Week Anniversary

The forum is now one week old, and has far surpassed our wildest hopes for the great community present on it. So to all of you helping to make this into something useful for all of us - thank you!

Here are some cool stats from our first week:
111 New Topics
664 Posts
439 Registered Users
782 Likes (Way to show the love!) :heart_eyes:

Stay Tuned later today for an announcement about our first community event!


Community event already? the suspense is real.

Oooh, you got me hyped. Can’t wait to know what this even will be! :slight_smile:

oh god…RTVFX is a clingy girlfriend.
GF:“Do you know what today is?”
GF:“No silly, it’s the third and a half week anniversary of the first time we sat on a bench together!”

But on a more serious note. Thanks for creating the site, guys. I’m more than happy to celebrate its growth.


dope! it will be much bigger very soon in my opinion.